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How many Sebastian quotes will it take to make me gouge my eyes out?


So I won’t be doing a City of Lost Souls review because I hate making reviews of middle books unless I reviewed the other books.
I wanted to share my favorite quotes in the book though, which I tabbed.
You probably shouldn’t read these quotes if you’re a spoiler-phobe or haven’t read City of Ashes and +


“Jace laughed, that soft rich sound Clary loved. ‘I’m warning you, that jacket is sexy. The Institute could go up in sexy, sexy flames.”

“Simon eyed him. ‘Have you been watching The Bodyguard? Because I am not going to fall in love with you and carry you around in my burly arms.”

“‘Jordan doesn’t really care about the blood,’ Simon said now, ‘His whole thing is about me being comfortable with what I am. Get in touch with your inner vampire, blah, blah.’
Clary slid next to him onto the bed and hugged a pillow. ‘Is your inner vampire different from your…outer vampire?’
‘Definitely. He wants me to wear midriff-baring shirts and a fedora. I’m fighting it.’
Clary smiled faintly. ‘So your inner vampire is Magnus?'”

“The words exploded out of Simon. ‘Are you kidding? Because you never done one single thing for me in the entire time since I became a vampire. Instead you have done your level best to make my life miserable and end it. So–if you want it in vampire language–it affords me great pleasure, my liege, to say to you now: Hell no. ”
^ I see what you did there. Hell and vampires. Funny. 

“‘Isabelle’s plans are terrible.’ He pointed a finger at her. ‘Your plans are suicidal. At best.”

“With a sigh, she reached into her pocket and drew out a small velvet bag, which she upended on the table. Two gold rings fell out, landing with a soft clink.
Simon looked at them, puzzled. ‘You want to get married?’
^ I don’t know why but this made me laugh

“…now that I’m in your mind, want to see some naked mental pictures of Jace?”

“Simon patted the seat beside him as if someone were sitting there. ‘Let me introduce you to my good friend No.”

‘”No’ is a magical word,’ he told her. ‘Here’s how it goes. You say, ‘Simon, I have an insane, suicidal plan. Would you like to help me carry it out?’ And I say, ‘Why, no.'”

“‘You mean you haven’t been going on romantic dates with Sebastian while you’ve been away from me?’
‘I tried,’ Jace said, ‘but no matter how liquored up you get him, he won’t put out.'”

“‘No way did he kidnap Jace off the roof because he’s desperately in need of a bromance,’ said Isabelle.'”

“‘…I’m nothing.'”

“Whip marks.”
^ haha. HA.
Trust me when you read City of Lost Souls, you’d be laughing too. 

‘”And I remind you of your mother now? I have got to look into a manlier cologne.'”

‘”Oh no,’ he said. ‘I am a hipster. I am too cool for themed weddings.’
‘You play D and D. You’re a geek,’ she corrected him fondly.
‘Geek is chic,’ Simon declared. ‘Ladies love nerds.'”