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You do not question The Way.

Every Toran knows this, even Kiran, a lowly orphan. But at age sixteen, no matter how hard he tries, he’s still tormented by doubt. With only an ancient scroll to guide them, he and six other teens embark on a quest into the Land Unknown, a journey across flatlands rife with wind demons, then raft a river whose spirit rages in a fury of whitewater, only to encounter a clan of nomads entranced by a witch and shaman. Kiran and his friends were warned to beware the savages and their heathen ways. But Kiran’s curiosity leads him astray.

When the group meets The Guardian and his family of followers, the others believe him to be the Wise Man described in the scroll. But something isn’t quite right. Too late, Kiran realizes they’ve been seduced by a cult. Into the jungle they flee, into the territory of cannibalistic headhunters, and the quest turns into a fight for survival.

Lost and facing starvation, Kiran must use all the skills he’s learned from the natives to survive. If he is to succeed in his quest, he must decide whether to accept The Way of his forefathers or trust his own judgment to find The Path to the Sun.

AVG Goodreads Rating: 4.38 out of 5 (can change at any moment)

Before I begin, I’d like to thank the author for giving me a chance to read this book.
So the review.
I don’t even know where to begin, in all honesty. I’m just hoping that my thoughts will clearly be expressed in the review, but I know it won’t. I don’t think anything can really express how I feel about this book; you just kind of have to read it and see for yourself. That’s just the kind of book it is.
When I first started this book, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know who the main character was, what to expect, or even what the story was about.
I do now, of course. But the thing is, you see, I don’t think I can look at things the same way.
I didn’t read this book. I was a part of it. I learned things the same way the characters did, and the things I’ve learned from this experience will remain with me for a very long time, just like with the characters. The characters were new to this whole world, like I was, because they never ventured outside of their town, and I think that played a huge role in my relationship with the characters. I was experiencing new things and seeing everything in a whole different light each time they did because the characters and I were all in the same boat. We were all just kind of working our way towards the truth with each other.
The characters were all pretty well-written. You got a sense of their personality really quickly, and even though I didn’t really like most of them in the beginning, towards the end it didn’t really matter. I felt connected to them in a way so strong after this book was over that it didn’t really matter how I felt about them anymore. It was like entering a lion’s den with somebody I didn’t like, but coming out of it, with the sense of relief, I realized that I didn’t really hate that person–that we were both victims to the same thing and survived together. Bonds like those are hard to break and forget.
As much as I would like to ramble on about each of the characters though (like my beloved Roh), only one gets an honorable mention in this review.
When you look from his journey from the beginning of this novel to the end, you don’t see the same person. He’s very naive and foolish in the beginning, but towards the end, his experiences have changed him in a way that has forever altered his mind. He’s wiser and much more knowledgeable about the world and sees it in a different way than he did in the beginning. He has learned so much throughout his journey and has suffered through too many losses for them to not take a hold of his mind.
He learned that believing wasn’t really seeing.
He learned that faith is the hardest thing you can break.
He learned that others couldn’t tell him what to think, or what to believe, and that only he had the power to do that.
And I came out of this book learning these things too, knowing these things before reading, but not really fully understanding them until reading this book.
This book taught me things I don’t really think I can forget, and I think that’s one of the most important things a book can really do to you.
So, basically, you should try reading this book. You might not like it, you might do, and it’s cool either way, but I feel like everyone should at least give this book a try. You never know what you might learn from this story.
And give it at least halfway through. I promise it gets a lot better after halfway. It just takes time, just like Kiran’s journey into the truth did.

Overall rating: 8 out of 10 (It fell apart in the romance aspect)